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The undergraduate programs in Clinical Medicine and Nursing at SUMC are open to international students. 



Nursing Program

SUMC Nursing Department offers a full-range program of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) training both in English and Chinese. The core value of the SUMC BSN program epitomizes innovation, dedication, and professionalism. The program aims to prepare competent beginning practitioners with a strong knowledge base in nursing science and the ability to make sound clinical judgment.

Our Nursing Department launched the English-stream undergraduate program in Nursing from 2013, collaborating with Chinese University of Hong Kong Nethersole School of Nursing as a joint program. The program is four years in duration leading to a bachelor degree.

In recent years, the SUMC Department of Nursing has undergone rapid growth. We have been recognized as one of the unique higher education programs in Guangdong Province in 2010, receiving the provincial “Integrated Pilot Program for Innovation” award in 2014. Our Fundamentals of Nursing course ranked among the prestigious shared courses in Guangdong, and in 2017, the Innovation and Practice of the Nursing Educational Model for Preparing Future Nurses Program won the first prize of college-wide teaching achievements. Since 2008, the graduation rate and the pass rate of the national licensure examination have always been 100%. In 2014, the Degree Office of the State Council authorized the independent Master of Science in Nursing degree (MSN) program at SUMC. Ministry of Education certified the SUMC Nursing program in 2017.

The Department of Nursing is poised to provide unique opportunities for students. The Simulated Medical Center at SUMC, a state-of-the-art clinical simulation and learning center designed as an actual modern hospital, efficiently facilitates students’ acquisition of the professional skills and competencies required in clinical practice. Our platform of international education, which hires American, Irish and Philippine faculty, and invites experts from Hong Kong, Taiwan and U.S.A to conduct international conferences, has also been established. Student exchange program facilitates diversified thinking. 

Our program integrates the traditional nursing courses and develops Adult Nursing, Human Structure and Function and Functional Experiments as our characteristic courses. While the pedagogy encompasses essentials of nursing competence, our student-centered education empowers students to learn via innovative approaches emphasizing clinical practice, research, and creativity. Students are also encouraged to learn the career pride from role modeling provided by excellent doctors and nurses as these future nurses participate in the nursing oath ceremony and Nightingale commemorative activities. Centered on the HEART system of health care education, students, as medical volunteers, gain additional experience through the National Hospice Project and the Medical Poverty Alleviation Program sponsored by the Li Ka-Shing Foundation. As part of the American Dreyfus Foundation’s Problem Solving for Better Health Project (PSBHP), we promote student creativity through the efforts of international, interdisciplinary, and multi-major collaborations.

here to learn more about eligibility, requirements and application process. 


Graduation, Degree and Commencement

In order to graduate with a Bachelor Degree from SUMC, you must

• Make sure you satisfy all SUMC requirements;

• Complete all the required courses and pass all the required examinations;

• Fulfill your financial obligations to the school.

Upon graduation, a Bachelor Degree of Medicine accredited by the Ministry of Education of China will be awarded.

Commencement for all graduating students is held every year in June. It is a university-wide event. Families, friends, and guests are invited to celebrate this important milestone with their graduates.

Commencement  held in the STU Sports Park